I have to be honest with you guys. I have never been a Callaway guy. Yes, we all like some of their products but when I see the overall scene, I don’t think I go wow about purchasing one of their items. That is until last month when I bought the famous Callaway Strata pack. I thought I must review this shit because it is technically one of Callaway’s most popular golf sets, right?

Not only that, it is probably one of the only golf sets available in market at this moment if I think about it. Having said that, it would be a suicide if I don’t talk about this set even after using it for long enough. That’s what this article is all about.

We will do a small Callaway Strata review today.

Now, I should warn you before starting this. This is not technically one of those reviews that you read on a proper golf blog. I will basically be talking about my experience of using this unit and why you should or should not go for it. That’s about it. I am not associated with the company Callaway and personally, I don’t actually give a damn on whether you purchase that strata or not.


I had it and I had experienced the goods and the bad. It is my way of helping you out.

Ok enough prep talk. Let’s do the business now.

Let’s talk about the good things first.

The first good thing is definitely the reputation that the brand Callaway has. Their products will always be durable and they will last long enough. If you are worried about not using a brand or if you only want to use durable products that last long then this is definitely your ideal bet.

The second best thing I would say is the inclusion of everything that one might need in his or her golf journey. The unit literally has all the wedges you might or even might not need. Obviously, you will not be using everything that it comes with which is a con but otherwise, you will like the experience.

Let’s talk about some cons too. The first con is the bag that it comes in. It is not a good idea to carry all the wedges of the pack in the same bag all the time. The bag will get damaged. Consider this as a baggage system to deliver you the wedges but do not count the bag as an item that you purchased. In case if you want to use the bag, only use it with moderate pressure and don’t put all your stuff in int. It looks like a golf bag but it is not and it will tear very easily.

You might ask, hey, how do you know, right?

You see, I had that exact experience. I took the whole wedge thing to show to my friend in the same bag and it broke.

Anyway, for a beginner, it might also be an expensive unit to go for because you don’t really know whether you will require all the wedges at this moment.

Overall, I have liked the product.

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