When you will join in the Army or you even if you have a passion to maintain a physique like army men, then you can easily get to know what type of exercises soldiers do and they keep themselves best condition, in terms of health and fitness. The main objective of their exercise is to maintain physical fitness and to make them fit. The soldiers perform many of the exercises on daily basis for increasing their endurance, stamina and strength. You can also learn about them and can start practicing them at home, to get health and body like them.

When you will know what exercise they do, then you will also get to know that it serves for improves the cardiovascular and the lung fitness as per the experts. Some of the exercises that you can start from now include the following as,


The army people spend most of their time on hands and toes while performing the pushups. This exercise is designed for maximizing and improving shoulder, the arm strength, toning of abdominal and the endurance. While number of pushups that you will have to perform will be up to discretion of drill instructors, the recruits that have to do for dozen number of the pushups on regular basis. On daily basis, you can do the pushups for around 10-12 minutes.

Sit ups

The sit ups can increase the core strength and works for all the muscles of hip flexors and abdomen. If you are between the age of 17 to 21 years of age, then you must perform around 47 sit ups while those who are between the age of 22 to 26 years of age, must perform around 43. You must practice the old-fashioned sit ups only wherein you hold the feet and touches elbows to knees on way up. The heels need to stay on ground during all phases of it.


The other easiest exercise which the army men do and if you are eager to learn what exercise they do, then you must know that the basic one is running. You must do it early in the morning in all seasons. Running some miles every morning can helps in increasing the endurance and stamina. You can also take intervals at times and start from slower pace if you are a beginner.

Leg tuck

This is also one exercise in which solider grasps climbing bar with the alternating grip in dead hang positions, waits, hips and flexes with the elbows, touching both elbows with the knees and returning to dead hang position. This can be done for as many numbers of the reps as much possible.

Well the training of Special Forces fitness is of very high level, if you are the one who wants to know what exercises soldiers do and want to make physique like them, and then you should go for the running, strength exercises and swimming which can really help. Follow this exercising pattern from now.

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