Sometimes every athlete need to trim few of their pounds for getting ready for all competition, mainly for the sports as wrestling or rowing which have the weight classes. Cutting on weight or even the dramatic weight loss in some period of time, is not healthy way for reaching such a goal and it is not recommended for the young athletes too. Some of the athletes also believe that cutting of weight can improve athletic performances. The fast and dramatic weight loss also has their opposite effects too. the over exercising for losing weight quickly make use of stored muscle fuel and can leave the athletes in depleting, when the time comes for competing.

The extreme calorie restriction and dieting make need of the essential nutrients as sparse or carbohydrates. You can easily learn as how to easily manage weights better through this way. Not eating or fasting for long time can also lead to loss of stamina or strength and even dehydration which should not be done. The other ways for hastening the weight loss as wearing rubber suit, sweating it in sauna or even taking the diuretics can lead to the dehydration, which results in weight loss and can affect negatively the athletic performances. As per the studies which has shown 150 pound athlete who has lost 3 pounds through the sweat, it can experience the early fatigue, cramping and even the blunted athletic performances.

Manage weights better

There are some of the healthy ways which you can learn for managing the weight. The easy secret is making the weight cutoffs and staying at healthy weight throughout the season. Some of the ways that can be followed are as,

  • Eating at scheduled time: believe or not, the great way is to keep athlete appetite satisfied and offer the most important nutrients to the muscles. You must have breakfast, lunch and dinner at same time every day. You must also in take the nutritious snacks at regular breaks. Do not skip the meals as it can promote hunger and can also lead to the poor choices of foot and even the overeating.
  • Balance food groups: variety number of the foods is really important to healthful diet & peak performance. Make sure you must include the calcium rich or dairy foods, vegetables, fruits, lean protein foods and whole grains in daily eating and at all meals. Load up half of your plate with the veggies and fruits and you will downgrade naturally calorie impact. You must remember that the balanced diet offers necessary nutrition and even helps all in being more satisfied.
  • Trims fat: the fried food as potato chips or French fries carries lot number of calories because they all are high in the fat. Select baked potato and you will cut the unneeded calories from diet.
  • Tackle treat: some of the food as candy, soda and other desserts with the additional sugar carries the calories. Thus, they should be avoided.

Eat balanced diet and follow the above guidelines which clears as how you can manage weights better.

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